Rahul and Modi

Text Version

Rahul: There is no peace in Gujarat. I have seen Hundreds of people fighting with small laathis.
Modi: Idiot, usko dandiya kehte hai !!!

Incredible India


Incredible India

Incredible India

Text Version

Jains want meat ban,
Catholics want abortion ban,
Muslim wants pork ban,
Hindus and sikhs want beef ban,
MNS and sena wants Bihari ban,
BJP wants rahul ban,
Congress wants AAP ban…..


But nobody wants,
Tobacco ban,
Alcohol ban,
Bribe ban,
Corruption ban,
Dowry ban,
Child Labour ban,
And we still say INCREDIBLE INDIA


Wife’s Birthday

Suddenly wife wakes up her husband @ 2 AM.
Wife:”who was heroine in film TRIDEV?
Husband :”Madhuri Dixit,Sangita Bijlani n Sonam”!!
Wife:what was the screen name of Kajol in Dil Vale dulhaniya le jayege? ?
Husband :”Simran”!!
Wife:”Kavita, residing our opposite flat,when did she moved in? ?
Husband :” Two months completed last Wednesday. …
But, why are you asking me all this in the middle of the night? ?
Wife:” Today was my birthday ”
“Pin drop Silence”

Recycling at its best

Recycling at its best

First Day of college…
Boy sees a beautiful girl sitting
right next to him, &
he writes on paper ”i love you, do you love me ?”
She replies ”No”
he didn’t give up, he rubs her answer
& passed same paper to
another girl sitting left to him…
And she replies ”Yes” 

Moral of the story is:
RECYCLE PAPER and save trees,
save earth !

Typical Husband

One day I accidentally overturned my golf cart.

Elizabeth, a very attractive and keen golfer, who lived in a villa on the golf course, heard the noise and called out:

Are you okay, what’s your name?”

“Its Phil and I’m okay thanks,” I replied.

“Phil , forget your troubles. Come to my villa, rest a while and I’ll help you get the cart up later.”

“That’s mighty nice of you,” I answered, but I don’t think my wife would like it.”

“Oh, come on,” Elizabeth insisted.

She was very pretty, very sexy and persuasive . . . I was weak.

“Well okay,” I finally agreed, and added, “but my wife won’t like it.”

After a few restorative brandys, and some creative putting lessons, I thanked my host: “I feel a lot better now, but I know my wife is going to be really upset.”

“Don’t be silly!” Elizabeth said with a smile:
“She won’t know anything.
By the way, where is she?”

“Still under the cart…………!!!”